Friday, February 7, 2014

#365feministselfie recap: Late January

A collage of my #365feministselfies from the second half of January!

In this particular collage, I'm struck by the range of emotion. I'm a "heart on my sleeve" kinda gal, and it definitely shows through in these self portraits. As I work my way through this project, I'm trying to avoid censoring myself. So you get tears, you get bedhead, you get migraines, you get my pissed off face, you get my chins. I am hopeful that showing myself to myself, and to whoever else is out there, in my entirety, will help me work towards full self-acceptance. There have been many cathartic moments in the first month of this project, largely due to the incredible community that is growing in the facebook group.

If I take nothing else from this project, I'll always hold dear the group of women that have shared themselves with me, their strengths and weaknesses, their confessions and celebrations, their coffee and their children, their partners and their jobs. I'll remember how they held me up and supported me, how they accepted me and encouraged me to do the same.

It's not to late to join! There's no wrong way to be a feminist, and there is no wrong way to participate in a #365feministselfie project yourself! ;)

1 comment:

  1. I have been so impressed and amazed by the project! I'm so glad I joined, even though it was late. Much <3!


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