Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nursing a 3 Month Old: Then and Now {Wordless Wednesday}

When Delilah was a wee 3 month old, my friend Nicole (Bella Photography by Nicole Aarstad) took some photos of her. During the session, she snapped some photos while Delilah nursed, and they are some of my favorite photos from that day:

In late April at my niece's birthday party, Nicole was there to photograph the party. She was gracious enough to oblige my request for some nursing photos with Canon, also 3 months at the time:

I will always be grateful to Nicole for these beautiful images. Having gone from birth to weaning with one child already, I know just how fleeting the nursing relationship is, despite how all-consuming it can seem when I'm in the midst of it. Especially around the 3 month mark, when these photos were taken. These photos are a unique gift, a gift that will forever allow to me look back and remember a time when my babies were, in fact, babies!

And just because, here are some images she captured of Delilah, 3.5 years, at the birthday party:

And our whole, complete family:

Thanks again for these photos Nicole! Local family and friends, check out Bella Photography by Nicole Aarstad for all of your photography needs! From weddings, to birthday parties, to portraits, she's got you covered! 



  1. Beautiful! I love nursing pics, they're always so sweet. :)

  2. These are stunning! You are stunning! Thanks for sharing - so great to see nurslings! Tweeting and sharing.

    1. Some of these will be submitted for your 'Marked Mama' series when I get time to do my write up! :)

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  4. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing with the Tuesday Baby Link Up community!

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