Monday, February 11, 2013

Big Sister

Dear Delilah,

When I found out I was pregnant with who turned out to be your little brother, one of the things I looked forward to was seeing you grow into a big sister. As a big sister myself, I know well both how challenging and rewarding it can be as relationships with siblings evolve throughout childhood and into adulthood. We did our best to prepare you for your brother's arrival by including you in midwife appointments (you loved to help "check baby Canon"), talking about how things would change, and reading books like What Baby Needs and Mama, Talk About Our New Baby. You've always been very gentle and loving with babies, but I didn't know what to expect when there was a new baby right in your home, 24/7.

Greeting Canon on Grandma's Lap
You grew so attached to the idea of "Baby Canon" as a baby inside of my belly that I wasn't sure how you'd react to see him as a real, live baby on the outside of my body. On the day Canon was born, your Grandma brought you to the hospital in the afternoon to meet him. You entered the room quietly and cautiously, your eyes growing wider as you exclaimed in surprise: "Baby Canon came out!"

You repeated, "He came out!" as you gently touched his cheek and kissed his head. After gazing at him briefly and kissing him a few more times, it was business as usual as you checked out the hospital room and asked about all of the wires and tubes attached to me.

Your first meeting was brief, but the next day, you spent the afternoon with us, the four of us snuggling, reading books, and Daddy taking you for walks around the hospital and to the cafeteria for ice cream while Canon and I rested.

When we were all reunited at home, you truly blossomed ad a big sister. You are so gentle and sweet with your little brother, and eager to play with him. Every morning, the first thing you do is ask where "Baby Canon" is, kiss him, and tell him you love him. You are fascinated with nursing, and often proclaim how much he loves "boobah milk." You proudly help me by bringing me wipes, burp cloths, and my water bottle, and are interested in every aspect of caring for your brother.

You are taking this transition in stride and adjusting beautifully to our new family size. It seems impossible, but you've grown up so much faster these past couple of weeks, it practically makes me dizzy. As much as I wish I could stop time and cherish these moments forever, I look forward to watching you and Canon grow together, play together, learn together, and laugh together. I look forward to watching you teach and guide him. I'm even looking forward to the trouble you'll get into together, and to breaking up your fights.

I never imagined how much my love for you could grow at the same time as I fall in love with your brother. This step in the evolution of our family has introduced a brand new dimension to my love and appreciation for the beautiful, kind, gentle, loving spirit that you are. My sweet little girl, you continue to blow me away and capture my heart each and every day.




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