Sunday, November 18, 2012


Dear Delilah,

It is hard to believe that a week has already passed since your third birthday. It is harder yet to believe that three years have passed since your birth! I never could have anticipated how much my life could change in three years, or how much it was possible for me to love and cherish another human being.

Delilah Jean-3 Years Old

Relaxing with her Guitalele
In three years, you have grown into such an independent little individual. You seem to have inherited the love of music that your father and I share. Our growing collection of musical instruments tends to get much more use than many of your toys. You sing yourself to sleep at night, you wake up singing, and you make up songs that narrate your day. Recently, you even legitimately harmonized with your father!

In addition to your musical endeavors, you love being outdoors, reading, animals, and art. One of your favorite books is your book of animals, which you insist on looking through at least once a day. You can identify and name every animal in the book, complete with the sounds they make. You also like to spend some time each day with your art supplies; coloring with crayons or markers, painting, or using chalk, and have recently discovered the joy of clay.

You are fascinated by the weather and love looking out our big living room window and describing (often in song!) the type of day we're having. Last week we got a light dusting of snow, and you were disappointed that it wasn't enough to make a snowman. The week before that we had a thunderstorm after you'd gone to bed, and you woke up and called me into your room to inform me that it was raining and you needed an umbrella!

Sharing the Birthday Spotlight with Nate
The night before your birthday, we attended a birthday/housewarming/welcome home party for a friend. He was gracious enough to share his birthday spotlight with you. I was nervous that you'd get scared by the sheer number of people singing and paying attention to you, but you were so mesmerized by the candles and fascinated by the moment that it didn't even phase you.

Birthday Pancake
Your birthday kicked off with what has become your traditional birthday pancake. After breakfast, you opened your gifts, a Guitalele (a classical guitar/ukulele hybrid that is just your size), an art easel, and a stuffed owl I made for you. After gifts, it was time to start preparing for your party!

Owl Cake!
With your love owls, we went with a bit of an owl theme for your birthday party. I made my first attempt at anything other than a round or square cake and tried my hand at this cute owl cake. Mine didn't turn out quite that pretty, but I was still very proud of it, and am disappointed that all I managed to capture of it was a quick shot with my phone! You were feeling a bit run down as your party got going, but despite not feeling your best and being a bit overwhelmed by the large crowd of people, you hung in there and enjoyed your cake and all of the lovely gifts from your generous guests.    

It was wonderful to celebrate you, your birth, and all of the joy and adventure you have brought into our lives. The year ahead has a lot in store for us, as we grow into a family of four and you ease into your new role as a big sister. No matter the ups and downs, I am so thankful that we're together for the ride!



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