Tuesday, August 14, 2012

On Sharing

Dear Delilah,

A few weeks ago, I started watching your cousin, Harper during the day when your Auntie Nay-Nay returned to work after her maternity leave. Overall, you've adjusted very well to having her around, and every morning, you look forward to her arrival. Seeing you with her has felt like a glimpse of what you'll be like as a big sister; loving, playful, helpful, and a little bit annoyed when you can't have all of my attention right this very second please.

You enjoy playing songs for her:

Kissing her and cooing at her:

And helping me care for her, particularly when it comes to feeding and diapering:

When your new brother or sister is born, I'll have to get creative in how you can help with feeding, since I can't exactly ask you to bring me my boob. ;) 

You've done well with sharing your toys, not to mention your mama, with your cousin. Though you are adamant about reminding her (and me) that certain things are YOURS, you are always happy to show her a toy or a book and let her grab onto or slobber all over your things.

I'm grateful that you're getting some practice with sharing, because when our family grows to four, you're sure to be asked to do a lot of sharing with your younger sibling. One thing that you'll be sharing sooner than later, though you won't know the difference, is your mama's blog. In the coming days, weeks, months, and years, this blog will contain letters to and musings about both you and your little brother or sister. It will document the ups and downs of me becoming a mother of two, of you becoming a big sister, and of our family becoming one of four. We're in for quite an adventure, and there's no one I'd rather have along for the ride that you, my dear Delilah.


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