Thursday, November 24, 2011


I started working on the Gratitude Challenge put forth by Let's Take the Metro earlier this week. The challenge to bloggers was to share a list of 100 things we are grateful for on Thanksgiving. This morning, I hovered over the "delete" button, feeling like a failure, having only managed to list 70 items. I was hoping I'd have time to finish up the list this morning. I certainly have oodles more that I'm thankful for. I simply ran out of time. I had some school work lingering that needed to be finished before we headed off for our Thanksgiving family meal. So I sat starting at my screen, ready to scrap the entry.

I changed my mind. You see, one of the things I am most grateful is that my life is so full. The fact that my list doesn't contain a full 100 items is evidence of my gratitude for and dedication to my family, my family that I am eternally grateful for and in love with. It's okay that I didn't get to list all 100 things, because I was too busy enjoying and celebrating them. I could finish it now, but I can hear my daughter's squeals of laughter as she plays with her father downstairs, and I don't want to miss another moment to soak up their joy and love.

Without further ado, 71 things I'm grateful. Happy Thanksgiving, from my family to yours. Thank you for reading and supporting this blog. Thank you for you.

I am grateful for:

1. Family.
2. Health.
3. Delilah's smile.
4. Ty don' humor.
5. Unconditional love.
6. Home.
7. Purple.
8. Songs.
9. Fire pits.
10. The Beatles.
11. Light.
12. Cozy sweaters.
13. Pretty curtains.
14. Bass.
15. Pillows.
16. Sadie.
17. Seasons.
18. Crunchy leaves in Autumn.
19. Snow in Winter.
20. Green buds in Spring.
21. Sun and heat in Summer.
22. Hot cocoa.
23. Washing machine.
24. Dryer.
25. Hugs.
26. Kisses.
27. The Mail system.
28. Yoga.
29. Spooning.
30. Radishes.
31. Nala.
32. Rowdy.
33. Warm socks.
34. Fuzzy socks.
35. Soft socks.
36. Cute boots.
37. Coffee.
38. Almond Toffee Creamer.
39. To-go cups.
40. Like-minded mamas.
41. Gingersnaps made with real ginger.
42. The zebra blanket.
43. Tea.
44. Lavender honey.
45. Every moment spent with loved ones.
46. Crocuses.
47. Tulips.
48. Irises.
49. Lilies.
50. Lilacs.
51. Bee balm.
52. Sunflowers.
53. Bleeding hearts.
54. The kindness of strangers.
55. The music in me.
56. Pretend tea.
57. Coloring outside the lines.
58. My kitchen.
59. Ukulele.
60. Tall glasses of water.
61. Old friends.
62. New friends.
63. Good friends.
64. True friends.
65. Sisterhood.
66. Education.
67. My support network.
68. My chosen family.
69. Laughter.
70. Tears.
71. You.

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  1. I love your list not only for all the truly wonderful things on it but also because you posted it as is, "unfinished" although I think it's perfect.

  2. "My chosen family." Amen mama - me too!

    And TY for the sweet well wishes on Ailia's arrival! :)

  3. The length of the list never matters; the point of this exercise was simply to focus on gratitude and you certainly excelled at that :) Thank you so much for posting your list the way it is. It is far better to express gratitude than keep it hidden inside! :)


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