Monday, September 26, 2011

Bye-Bye Baby Mullet!

Dear Delilah,

There has been so much excitement over these past few weeks that I want to share with you. We are getting settled into our new home, your father and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary, and you enjoyed your second Oktoberfest Maple Leaf Parade. On top of all that, last night, you got your first hair cut!

Your father has wanted to cut your hair for months now, but I have resisted. Yes, you had what we affectionately referred to as a "baby mullet", and yes, one side of your hair in the back was far longer than the other, but I just couldn't bring myself to want to cut off those precious little locks. It took you so long to grow any hair at all, maybe part of me was afraid that it would stop growing altogether if we cut it! And wouldn't it be something if after naming you Delilah, your own strength resided in those wild wayward wisps? Still, it got to the point where even I had to admit that the look you were sporting was getting a bit silly. When daddy asked me last night if we could cut your hair at bath time last night, I gave in.

Just looking at that photo is bringing on the tears again! Those random long locks may have been silly, but they were yours! Alas, it is only hair, and as someone who has gone from very long to very short several times, I do know that it grows back.

Your father took the first few snips, probably because he thought I would chicken out if it were left up to me. He snipped off those long locks and saved them, saying he has "a plan" for how to commemorate your baby mullet. After your bath was done, it was my job to do the best I could to straighten it up a bit. I am a far cry from a professional, but I think I managed to get it reasonably straight and even.

As for the process, you didn't mind it a bit. In fact, I'm not sure you even realized what was happening! You had developed a habit of twirling your longest lock of hair, on the left side of your head, but so far, you don't seem to miss it. You've leaned your head back and brushed your new hair line against your neck a few times, but don't seem bothered by the change. You have many a hair cut ahead of you, but hopefully that will be both your first and last mullet!



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  1. Hee! I had the honor of cutting my niece's baby mullet when she was Delilah's age. And now my baby son has a fine one, too, but I haven't brought myself to bring out the scissors yet. Every time I trim Mikko's hair, I cringe a little. There's something so precious about your baby's hair, isn't there?

    P.S. You did a good job on the haircut! :)

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