Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I Want to Ride it Where I Like

Dear Delilah,

Last summer, I couldn't wait for this year, when you'd be big enough to ride in the bicycle trailer so we could go on family bike rides. One of the first things I purchased while hitting up garage sales while I was pregnant was a gently used bicycle trailer. I was hardly even showing yet, but I was imagining beautiful spring days, fresh air, and your father and I bringing you along on our bike rides. That was nearly two years ago, and this past weekend, that image was realized:

On Friday evening, we headed out to a local bicycle shop in search of  helmet for you. The owner hadn't replenished his stock since the season for biking is just getting underway, so he didn't think he'd have one that would fit you. Lo and behold, he had ONE toddler-sized helmet remaining, and even though I'm not a huge fan of pink, it fit you perfectly, so I couldn't pass it up. I wasn't sure how you'd react to having the helmet on your head, since you can be picky about that sort of thing (you've made it clear that the battle to get you to wear sunglasses will carry over into this year), but you actually seem to like wearing it!

The weather on Saturday was perfect for trying out the bike trailer, so we got everything situated and set off to cruise around our neighborhood. The joyful sounds of your laughter, happy squeals, oooooohs, and aaaaaahs provided the soundtrack for our first family bike ride.

On that warm, sunny day, pregnant and bargaining at that garage sale, I had no idea just what was in store for me. I look forward to getting lots of use out of that trailer and helmet. I will treasure these times, for before I know it, we'll be teaching you to pedal a bicycle of your very own!



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  1. Lovely photo of little Delilah! Doesn't she look cute?! I can just imagine all the squealings of delight as you were all pedalling along. Happy memories to treasure and you are so right to make the most of this time with your daughter.

  2. What fun! She looks delighted!

  3. This kinda teared me up. We used to ride Elise around all the time in the bike trailer, and now I'll be teaching her to ride her big girl bike this summer! At least Sam will finally get to enjoy it this year...and I'm sure Elise probably won't let her ride alone just yet ;)

  4. I saw this photo on the Natural Parents Network Wordless Wednesday this week, and I thought it was cute because my photo submission was also of my son in his new bike helmet. We enjoyed Saturday's nice weather for our bike ride too.

    And now I read that you are also from Wisconsin! I'm happy to have found your blog - it sounds like we have much in common.


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