Monday, October 25, 2010

It's almost Halloween, let's talk about your fangs!

Dear Delilah,

Yesterday, I mentioned in passing that you had cut your fourth tooth the previous night. This particular tooth seemed to be a little bit harder on you than the first three, which were all on the bottom, so your daddy and I were very relieved to see that it had broken through the surface yesterday. We were prompted to check by a new sound coming from your mouth that we hadn't heard before.

You were grinding your teeth. Now that you have one on top, the joy of grinding it against your bottom teeth is apparently unparalleled. Unfortunately, it's a sound that grates on my ears like nails on a chalkboard, so I hope that its novelty wears off quickly!

There are other thing you enjoy about getting to know your new tooth while you adjust to its presence in your mouth. There's the tendency to chew on everything with it, and the exploration of it by running your tongue across it over and over again. There are some minor changes in some of the sounds you make, and it's humorous to see the slight look of confusion on your face when a sound you've become accustomed to making comes out ever so slightly different. Thankfully, your adventures with your new tooth have not included biting the...well... boob that feeds you. I appreciate that!

While you're working on a new tooth, your sleep patterns are inconsistent, at best. You wake up more often and are harder to get back to sleep. Some nights, you refuse to sleep at all unless you have all-night uninterrupted access to mama's milk. Those nights are hard on all of us, but we manage.

I think the most wonderful thing about the day a new tooth has finally made its way through your tender gums is the night that follows it. You sleep seems wrong to say you sleep "like a baby", because I've come to learn that babies don't sleep all that well! Let's just say you sleep very soundly. Last night was a dream come true. You slept for almost 8 hours, woke up hungry, nursed back to sleep, and slept until 8:30 this morning. In your own crib, even! It was luxurious!

I'm going to relish this well-rested feeling while it lasts, because your next tooth looks to be ready to make its debut very soon!




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