Monday, August 23, 2010

Very Superstitious...

Dear Delilah,

These last couple of weeks have been jam-packed with busy. So jam-packed, and so busy, that I didn't get the opportunity to write this letter to you on August 13th, as I had intended to do. It's not that August 13th, as a date, is terribly relevant to the subject of this letter. It's that August 13th was a 'Friday the 13th', which you'll come to find out is, supersitiously, considered to be an un-lucky day.

March 13th, 2009 was also a Friday the 13th. That particular Friday the 13th was the day that I peed on a stick (well, two sticks, technically, since your father didn't believe the first one) and saw two little lines (four lines, total) that told me you were on your way.

It is no secret that finding out we were pregnant with you was a suprise. And I do mean surpise. NOT "mistake". NOT "accident". NOT "oops". A surpise. A GOOD surprise. You are, without question, the baby that was meant for us; we just happened to be unaware that you'd be making your entrance into our lives as soon as you did!

When we found out you were coming, we were so excited! We were scared, too, as I imagine all first-time parents-to-be are, but so very, VERY excited. Your grand-parents (all 8 of them!) were very excited too, and couldn't wait to start spoiling you. It took a few days (and a blood test from the doctor) for it to sink in that we were really pregnant. In those first few days of adjusting to the idea of becoming parents, we started speculating about you. Who would you look like? Would you have daddy's eyes? My hair color? Would you be a boy or a girl? What would we name you? Would you be a Scorpio, or would you hold out to be a Saggitarius?

All of our questions would be answered in time. One thing was clear to me immediately. I would never consider 'Friday the 13th' to be unlucky, ever again. Every time another one rolls around, I smile, and quietly celebrate the day that I found out that one of my life's dreams would be fulfilled; the day that I found out that I would become a mother. YOUR mother. Friday the 13th is a lucky day, indeed.




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