Monday, January 25, 2016

He is Three

Dear Canon,

Despite your protestations to the contrary, you will always be my baby. Today, you turned three years old. You are sweet and silly and love to snuggle. You love making art and hanging out with your big sister. She considers you her best friend!

You are a daring child who loves to climb, run, and jump. You love superheroes and fight imaginary "bad guys" (sometimes we have to remind you that the cat is not a bad guy) with your own unique fighting style, which you have dubbed "Heeyah!"

Your likes include Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, My Little Ponies, having your finger and toenails painted sparkly blue, singing, dancing, eating raw veggies, and baking.
Your dislikes include being woken up, cottage cheese, having your hair groomed, and wearing pants. 

You rarely go "uppies" anymore unless you're tired, and you only nurse for a few minutes, once or twice a week. 

You're starting to take more of an interest in books, and are developing a deeper enjoyment for drawing and painting. You like building and "fixing" things. You are kind and friendly to everyone you meet and seem genuinely confused when a peer (or your sister) hurts you. You are nearly always smiling which makes your expressions of pain or sadness all the more heartbreaking. 

Raising a son is a challenge and a joy. I hope that you always keep your gentle strength, your carefree spirit, and your affectionate kindness. I hope that you'll always have love and respect for those who cross your path. I hope that you'll use the privileges afforded you in this life to lift up those who are marginalized or have less. I hope that I can teach you even half as much as you are sure to teach me. Keep smiling, my sweet son.